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Monday, October 7, 2013

A French Country Rug

Over a couple weeks time, months ago, I kept receiving messages from customers that they enjoyed the stories I tell. Interesting. I never intentionally did that- it's part of the playful part of me, I guess. I confess that I have a house that contains my doll collection. Every one of them ('the girls') has a name and a character. My Vera is pretty cranky and I often have keep her apart as she fusses at the others. Alice is quiet and timid. Ruth is so industrious. Dot is sweet and inquiring! Oh and Cora! She is my African -American girl. Had to hook her her own cabin complete with a stream. Just so visitors know where she lives!
And none of 'girls' will ever give me gray hair!  
So this is how I think and it's part of why I love telling stories about my 'creations.' Each one deserves a story. The night I sketched out the Colonial rug, I was trying to think of the story behind the rug- well, it became a rug of fidelity and loyalty. The yellow ribbon in the girls hair was a symbol of her fidelity to her soldier while he was away. In the 'Buttery', Mr. Tibbs the cat is watching his mistress as she prepares the holiday roast and bread pudding. The pattern comes with the VERY fabric that the mistress used in her dress and to adorn little Tibbs with for the holiday.
Lavender, I understand, is a symbol of devotion. Years ago, I became intrigued with the French painting ' The Angelus.' For quite a while, I would think on how that in those days it was common for people to feel their absolute dependence on the Creator. I was really troubled by how far we have come. Today, as I tell my children frequently, we can buy anything in this world with money- minus bringing someone back to life. We really do not feel that dependence on Him anymore. Really, it's true. But to think as I gaze at that painting, I see people who literally ate from God's very hand and thanked him all day long. Nothing in the way- a real intimacy with the Creator. Nature, His handi-work made for us!
So this rug is about simplicity, about God's provision not only of our 'daily bread' but all that is beauty in this world.

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