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Monday, October 7, 2013

"All wise ladies grow From little girls like me."

As many know, I get a lot of the wool I use from Christy Mason of the Double M Sheep and Wool. I have pieces that are inspirational - visual story starters, you might say. I have a piece of what is called, "Well Water." When I look at it, not only do I see a blue that is crisp and clean but I can feel a spray of water and I can smell a forest of pine surround me. The color transports me to one of my favorite places -the mountains. I have another  rug idea coming- it is a pioneer rug. There is a stream with a cabin and mountains. The whole rug started with that single piece of wool- a need to bring to life the color that traveled across country to me in a mail truck.
Christy Mason is my friend. I often share with her ideas I have. When I started talking about the lavender rug, she told me about a color that she has not dyed since the passing of her grandmother, Helen Frances Gregg ten years ago- 'Dried Lavender.' It is a color that her grandmother taught her when Christy was young. Christy dyed some up and sent it to me. I knew I wanted to share the story. I asked her if I could share it as I create the rug.
One thing I love about this friend of mine is that she is so down to earth- very real. A Texan!! She is one strong woman and as I have got to know her, through our correspondence, I have learned that her strength was passed on to her from Helen.  Fourteen hundred miles between us and I can see it. When it comes to wool- she is the 'genuine article'- a sixth generation dyer, spinner, rug hooker and sheperdess. In the months that I have known her, I have picked up from her what a significant person her grandmother  was in her life. Helen had Christy dyeing when Christy was probably still learning her ABC's. Significant is that lavender was adored by Helen and 'Dried Lavender' was her favorite dye recipe. 
I am honored that I am using 'Dried Lavender' as part of this rug of mine. As I have said earlier, this is a rug about devotion and provision- simplicity and lavish gratitude. The name Helen means 'shining light.' Helen, if I could speak to you, I would thank you for being such a light in Christy's life and teaching her everything you knew so she could bless us all with these generational gifts of hers.

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