Thursday, June 20, 2019


It has been a year and a half since I have done any blogging. 

Does anyone even read blogs? 

If you are part of my 'Lavender Lady Punch Needle Group' on Facebook, then you know that I have been working on a lot of new yarn- RUG yarn as well as the lace weight wool yarn that I use with my Cameo Ultra Punch Needle. It has been quite the undertaking- all the dyeing, the photos, the listings, the winding and the color swatch cards......


Let me show them to you!

This bottom card has lengths of sample yarns that you can try. Top is the RUG yarn that I will be offering for the #13 and #14 Oxfords , second is the soft merino yarn that I also use with my #14 Oxford. Third is a bulkier Merino that is a DREAM to use for whipping the edge of rugs and for use with the larger Oxford needles. The fourth is that lace weight that I use with the Cameo Ultra Punch. Here's a close up.

A basket of color!

You might be wondering what they look like punched?

This is a piece I am working on and will be available as a kit in days to come. Colors I used are Coffee Cafe in the border as well as Marigolds and Bittersweet for the Bittersweet. The sky is Overcast Skies and Moonbeam for the sunrise. House is Vanilla Bean. Water is Faded Calico. Trees are Moss. Field is Sunflower.
Above is my pattern 'Simplicity.' This was Cameo punched by a North Carolina friend, Mary Ann Pollack. I admire her work more than she will ever know. I will be working on kits that will be added into my Etsy shop. Is this the SWEETEST?

New RUG yarn?
Here is a peek!


Marmalade Jam

'Hand-spun' Style Soft Merino

And, of course, I will be keeping at the urgent request of some of my customers that soft merino yarn that I have had for the past couple years. (Seen above.) It has been described as having a hand spun quality to it and it certainly is beautiful. (Colors shown are front- Marmalade Jam, Dancing Girl, Moonbeam Yellow, Sunflower. Back- Midnight Blue, Hydrangea, Terra Cotta and Pear.

What is the difference between the hand spun style and my rug yarn? The rug yarn is perfect for floor rugs. The hand spun style is for wall art or laying on furniture- decorative. The loops are tiny and sweet- you would love them! 

A few things about me

I am the mother of eight grown children. Grandmother of six.
I have been arts and crafting all my life.
I have a tender love for animals and I believe dogs are the best creature God ever made
I love reading- mysteries! Love British Mysteries.
Not crazy about cooking after cooking for so many for so many years.

Oh! Before I forget!! Pat attention to the next issue of Wool Works Magazine! The Autumn Issue! In that issue will begin a seasonal series of chair pads to be Oxford punched. I think you will love them.

Thank you for reading this and please leave me a comment. I never blog because I really don't think anyone reads them. But who knows?? You can also reach me at

Blessings to you!