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Monday, October 28, 2013


Wait till you see what the next design is! What you see is a little girl, a daughter. She is handling the wool that her mother just spun. There is a mother! And some sheep! This one is truly sweet! I have it hanging in my living room as I do with every single design as I change and contemplate colors and if everything is in place- what do I want this rug to say? How do I want the colors to feel? I have two versions of the same design. I will be hooking the larger one and my good friend, Cindy is hooking the smaller one. I told her to come up with her own colors - I am setting her loose on this as I really want to encourage ladies to make the design a part of their own home and personalities. I want the design to be an expression of each woman's own heart and hands.
Do you know I have never been to a rug hooking group? I have never been to a hook-in either! However, the past weeks Cindy and I have been meeting each week and it is wonderful to share in a handi-work that we both love so much! We feed off of each others ideas and skills- it is wonderful. If I ever make it to a group or 'hook-in', I do think I might think I was in heaven! One of my life dreams, besides having my own at-home business is to teach classes to women and I have even given thought of teaching disadvantaged teenage girls if they would be interested. I am slowly collecting rug-hooking frames just for that day! 
More to come on 'Hand-Spun!'

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