Thursday, July 17, 2014

'A Cat Named Peony'

If there was a rug of mine that reaches back in time for me, it would be this one. I loved cats growing up. We never had them, but I sure liked them. I briefly had two in the sixth grade. I had to keep them outside and I did not have them very long and my mother felt uncomfortable with their presence. But in the few weeks that I did have them, I looked forward to being with them everyday. I read cat stories- my favorite being Beverly Cleary's 'Socks.' I checked stacks of books out of the library about cats- cat breeds, cat grooming, cats around the world.
When I was kindergarten age, my grandmother would walk me to school every morning and we played the game of counting cats- sort of a version she made up of 'Eye Spy.' I loved it. Those cats seemed so mysterious and sweet.
At my grandmother's house was a large pine tree under the kitchen window that I would watch robins playing under. I would stand and just watch them from that window as my grandmother talked to me about everything.
I have this pattern now listed in my Etsy store. It will come with a book that I put together of photographs and color suggestions- a recipe and fun for you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch Is Ready

All through fair June the tasseled corn waved forth
In shining green arrayed;
The warm,sweet air that bloweth from the south
It's verdue richer made,
Till now it's ripened husks are gathered all
The granary within;
And harvesters are met this Autumn night
To fill the waiting bin.- 1893

I love how this came out! The colors are great and the design so cheery! This pattern is now available in my Etsy shop along with a book of instruction, colors, and more.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

'The Pumpkin Patch'

Just this morning, in a personal e-mail, I was explaining to a friend of mine that with a creative mind comes a lot of disorganization. So many ideas flying through my mind and I 'zig-zag' through them. I start on something and think of another as I work- I frustrate myself. And when something just jells in my mind, it's ready to just 'become'- no matter what else I may be working on!  So, for quite some time, I have thought about doing another version of my 'Miss Pumpkin.' Miss Pumpkin was so fun to play 'dress up' on- and I have heard that from customers as well. So, I drew up 'Patch' and decided she needed a husband. He will be holding a little sign that reads, 'Hay Rides.'

I ran into a problem as I worked on the background. I ran out of the blue I was using and needed a creative way to make it stretch. Originally I had wondered about adding a hay-bundle, but then decided against it. Well, as my blue came to a screaming halt, the idea of the hay bundle came to be very practical. Then my husband suggested a couple blowing leaves- perfect!

Right now I am trying to decide what color to whip-stitch my edge with.

My favorite part of this is the background blues- I used a Double M Sheep and Wool color, 'Clementine' and an unidentified (LOL) matching gray/blue. I just love how the colors create a brisk, blustery day.

Now onto a little kitty in a bed of Peonies........