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Friday, October 18, 2013


There is something that I try to describe that  seems to be only understand by my  son, Justin, who also has a creative mind. In all the years that I have been painting and making rugs, when I am in the process, (here goes that difficult to explain part) it feels as though my heart and mind are coming through my hand and onto whatever I am working on. It is a complete expression of what is in my heart. So it brings me joy when what is in my heart can bring joy to someone else. A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a customer, Elaine, holding up her 'Lavender Lady'. It made my heart want to burst. I saw a sweet lady smiling and I saw that design- one that hung in my living room for weeks as I stared at it thinking and re-doing- many, many late nights of standing over it with my music, an eraser and pencil in hand. And there it was- bringing joy to someone!

When a project is not coming along right, I feel as though there is a misunderstanding between me and the 'canvas'. It seems as if the more I try to fix it, the worse it becomes, that  what started with my best intention turned into something not so good. My heart sinks until I find a way 'to make it right'.

I had to have a 're-do' of the sky in this piece. I loved the first sky but something was wrong and I had looked at it too long to 'see' it. All I knew was it wasn't right. My best friend, Louise, came over and she was able to identify for me what was the problem- the sky I was so sure was going to work was overwhelming the picture. We spent time with different pieces of wool I have, figuring it all out. Yesterday I received the 'new' sky and spent the evening putting it in. I feel better. Over the weekend I will play with the snow - and make a decision as to if those birds will be Cardinals or Blue-Jays. Or should they be there at all? 

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