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Monday, October 7, 2013

Color list for 'French Lavender Lady'

 Here is the list of colors and where you can purchase them for the Lavender Lady.  All the colors listed are available through Double M Sheep and Wool except for the sky, so I will start with that.
The sky was purchased from Michele Phillip's Woolley Mammoth Woolens. I found this store on Etsy. Provided below is a link to that shop and the specific color, Italian Marble that was used for the sky.On the large version, I suggest a half yard. That is what I used. There was plenty left over but I used just about every bit of the blue in that half yard. You'll be 'painting' your sky in and so you will want a generous blend of colors. Here is the link to where you can purchase that wool for the sky.
Woolly Mammoth Woolens
That pinstripe that frames the picture- I used a cream and even a few pieces of leftover sky- the part with cream and gold. The rest of the colors are available through the Double M Sheep and Wool, which I will also provide a link to.
Border- Espresso Brown- I recommend a full yard for the large version of this rug. For the smaller version, a half yard-3/4 yard should be enough. Three quarter yard if you are finishing your rug the way I do with the one inch strips. You will have enough to hook the border and enough left over to tear 1" strips lengthwise to finish your edge as I do, if you wish. I will HUMBLY provide a link that I made showing how to do the border with the one inch strips and what it will look like.
Soil in between lavender rows- Moose Brown- For the large pattern, you may need more than just a fat quarter- I think it is safe to say that you may need a bit more than that.
Rows of lavender- Sweet Plum and Gruby Grape
Both houses I used a terra cotta color for the roofs. House on the left is done with 'Clementine' Gray . The tower was done with a plaid tweed blend of rust and brown. House on the right is done with a piece of gray plaid I had on my shelf- probably an old skirt. I love the stony effect both have. Scraps I had of browns were used for the windows.
Trees- Colonial Green
The lady:
Her skirt- Sapphire Blue
Her apron- Red Rum
Her Shirt- Natural White
Her face- Flesh
Her bonnet- Cornflower.
Basket- Textured Cinnamon Toast. I did a row of 'beading' using this color and a cream.

Stems on all lavender- Storm Clouds
Lavender in border- Dried Lavender and a bit of Gruby Grape. Notice that the lavender that the girl is harvesting- I did some 'beading' on those pieces to give dimension and interest.
Bees- black and gold scraps and light tan plaid wings. 
I suggest that when you hook in the flowers in the lavender that the woman is harvesting- that you do it, hook everything around it- pull those flowers out and then re-put them back in so that they are not all crammed and bunched up.
I will post a finished picture in the next day or two as a guide.
 Here is the link to Double M Sheep and Wool. If you do not see all the colors you need, Christy is wonderful to work with and can certainly help you select the right pieces. I, of course would be happy to answer any questions my as well. I suggest that you go to Double M and then simply use the search option and search each color. 
Colors Available Through Double M Sheep & Wool
Yvonne Explaining How to Bind 1" Srips

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