Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg

I have been working on this the past few days and very much enjoying it- very simple to hook and just one of those pieces that comes together quickly and fun to see come to life. Just as in my 'Fancy Needlework' design, I 'stitched' a little. Free-handed, as I do not know the rules of embroidery- so I fake it! LOL!

I asked my customers on Facebook last night to help me 'jazz up' my website. I have been working with my very patient website designer this past week as she sets a store up for me. I am hoping that by doing so, it will make purchasing easier, as I realize that not everyone is familiar with Etsy. So very, very soon that will be available.

Would you like this pattern for free? I am giving it to any customer of mine who has hooked one of my designs and sends me a photograph and what state you are from so I can add it to the gallery of my website. Truly, more often than not, I admire your work way more than mine! I would love to show you off- so many times I see what someone has done and I think, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Be sure to include your mailing address. Send your pictures to yvonne@vintageheartprimitives.com

This is available in a linen pattern- $38 and $5.95 shipping. Photographs and color list will be included. If you are interested, please contact me at yvonne@vintageheartprimitives.com