Wednesday, May 15, 2013

'Come Away With Me'

I have been more exited about doing this rug than probably any I have ever done- that includes back when I did a lot of decorative painting. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now and I will be so very exited to see it complete. I have a few details that I will add after  the entire rug is hooked. One being, in my opinion, the 'crown' of the whole piece- a very delicate braid of hair and gold ribbon for her hair- you'll see!! I have 'practiced' on it with what I have in mind and it will be beautiful. I also have a little 'button' to add on to his collar and a gold brooch for her. 
Last night, I was telling my husband that I want to add a gold-ish ribbon to the bouquet. Leave it to him to go look up the history of the yellow ribbon. Oh my gosh!! Totally significant to this rug- absolutely romantic and brings so much meaning to the whole picture.

 "Ribbons hold a very important place in the hearts and in the culture of the people of Western Christendom. Young women in former times would tie ribbons in their hair, the hair being a symbol of spiritual covering. They would wear a ribbon in a pledge of faithfulness to the one they love. In this they would be telling the world that they are remembering someone. The young lady was set apart and not available for courtship. They are remembering or waiting for someone special. Right now that special person had gone abroad and was not with them. But nevertheless, he was with them in spirit. And what's more, he will be back! He will be coming home to them some day. Until that day of his return they will wait for him. He occupies a special place in their hearts. They will remember him with their display of the ribbon. And when people ask about the ribbon they will tell others about the one who is being remembered."

Gives me goosebumps!! I LOVE it and am so exited to share this with the dear lady that I am doing this rug for.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miss Pumpkin

   The time of day that I get the most time with my wool is the evenings. The house is quiet. I can hear my music and I can work into the night if I need to. Tonight I am dyeing the background that I am going to use for my Colonial rug. I have a list of customers that I want to send a 'Tea and Honey' pattern to- getting a list of names ready. And I want to finish writing the pattern to one of my personal favorite designs- Miss Pumpkin. Gosh, this girl warms my heart!! Here she is the day I jotted her down on paper. I had been looking through a magazine and spotted a pumpkin doll on a table surrounded by gourds. I saw the irony right away. Miss Pumpkin selling gourds at Harvest time. There she is with her sign and she really is the prize!! Can you think pumpkin pie?? I love her and hope to have her pattern ready by the end of the week.