Friday, October 2, 2015


'Dream' That is the name of this design of mine. It will be like some of the rugs I have done- one of a kind- deeply meaningful to me and full of self-expression.

I have had 'Dream' drawn up on paper and hanging in my wool studio (ha! Its more like a cottage) for several weeks- the bulk of the summer. I have looked at it and known that I must do it. When I am finished, I will use it as an illustration when I need to when I want to convey the lesson I learned from a dream I had in the late spring/early summer. The lesson is detachment.

I have a relationship in my life that has caused me soul piercing pain. Should I admit that I have tried to find solace in a counselors office seeking emotion relief from a situation that I have been unable to resolve or make sense of. Last winter, I was over-run with pattern and wool kit orders. I worked from sun up to late into the night every single day. As soon as I would wrap things up for the day, the grief would overwhelm me all over again.

So, one night I had a dream. The dream consisted of three parts. In the first part, I was laying in a hospital bed. There were people gathered around me although I did not know who they were, except for my best friend, Louise. A nurse came in and asked me to roll over and as I did I saw my hands were swollen I knew I was very ill.

In the second part of the dream, I was in my childhood home. I am the oldest and all my younger brothers and sisters were playing and moving about the house like any other day from many years ago. However, in the dream, I was standing in a hallway that never existed in real life. It was filthy. Curtains hung torn and soiled. The floor was filled with debris. I stood there feeling like I must clean it up and that surely I could never just leave it. I needed to clean up that mess. Then I saw a snake in the corner. The snake started coming toward me, growing bigger as it it got closer. I lifted my foot and smashed it. Suddenly, I was in the third part of my dream.

I was in the night sky. I could feel a cool breeze envelope me. Stars twinkled around me and I was running my fingers through the clouds. I felt unbelievable peace and joy inside of me- a deep contentment. I looked and I saw the earth which, in the dream, looked like a cream colored ball. But I knew that that hallway and that mess was beneath me and as I looked at that globe, it got smaller and more distant and I was OK with it because I was so filled with peace.

When I awoke, my husband was standing at his dresser getting ready for the day. I asked him to sit down and listen to the whole story. When I was done, he said, 'I know what that dream means. Yvonne, the hospital represents the fact that you have been very emotionally sick. The second part represents a 'mess' that you so badly want to clean up but you don't know how. The act of smashing the snake means that you are done----done! And the third part is a complete detachment and rising above the whole thing.'

For days, I kept thinking about that dream and the dream became a tool I had in allowing myself to let go of something I have been unable to.

So this rug is a 'snap-shot' of the dream I had- of course, a younger, slimmer me-haha!

Here is 'Dream' in the front and what I think I will call 'The Little Spinner' in the back-ground. The Spinner will be a pattern that I will sell. I intentionally made the face very simple so that most anyone could feel confident in doing it. I know that so many of the ladies that enjoy rug hooking love spinning as well. I hope that they will love 'The Little Spinner.'

Before I say good-night, I have to share with you a picture I took earlier of my Mercedes. That sweet girl. Always by my side- always.

Good night!