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Thursday, October 10, 2013

She Is Clothed With Strength and Dignity

Day three. I just came back from the Fiber Faire that I have been preparing for. I have not been working at this in an intentional manner. It feels more like sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar. I can hardly help myself. It started with my curiosity as to if the wool I chose for the trees would look like the bark I had envisioned- it did! In fact, as I look at it in the day light it actually looks like a bit of sun is hitting it. Well then, I had to find out if the bucket to the left of the man would contrast nice against his pants which turned into doing his shirt and hat as well. My idea was to fill in all the objects and then put in the snow and sky- but I so wanted to just see- just a peek-  would it really look like the snow I was hoping for? Well if the snow is falling, 'Joseph' here needs 'Abigail' to come to life and make him smile and win him. I hear her laughter and hear him sigh with contentment in his heart.


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