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Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm Letting the Cat Out of the Bag!

I went to a friend's house today. I brought her a project that has been waiting impatiently for me- every time I pass it, it pokes me and reminds me that it wants done. This little rug knows that it's season is NOW and it's been pleading to get all dressed up and admired.
This was the second design I ever came up with on my own. I have had the plans rolled up in a basket on top of a shelf, waiting.
I, for years and years, have painted. I have about three hundred paints. I have finishes and glazes and all sorts of brushes. For years, I enjoyed 'thrifting' and finding 'junk with potential.' I would haul it home and it would sit- glum and depressed looking in my living room. Day after day, I would look at it and study it. An idea would start to surface- then I would begin and I would paint. My favorite part was the look on someone's face at a show- overhearing conversation, often a women in a hushed voice bargaining with her husband. Amused, I would answer questions and feel overjoyed as I saw such happiness in her eyes as her husband carried her purchased treasure for her. That item that I poured hours into became complete and often I would hear exactly where it would be in someone's home.
This crow was my second design- the one right before I did 'Lamb and Crocks.' It was much bigger than this and the colors different. I do love it and I want to quickly add it to my Etsy store while ladies are enjoying hooking autumn rugs. Originally, it was a rug I placed on E-bay. The original is in Missouri and a second is in Maine. 
I was told yesterday that it is OK that I share that a rug of mine will be featured in a well known magazine this coming summer. I was challenged by Christy Mason to submit something. I didn't submit. I emailed samples and a rough sketch of a possible submission asking if I should even try. Expecting a form letter of denial in 6-8 weeks, I was shocked when I opened my mail four days later and the publication director said they would take it. So now my rug sits many states over along with hours of measuring and writing and editing. Am I pacing the floor?
So, I have been working, working, working trying to bring all my sketches in my books to life- on canvas and adorned with strips of all colors so that when publication day arrives, I will be ready. This has really caught me by surprise. The only reason why I am not sharing which publication it is is that I am still pinching myself in disbelief. It's too good to be true and I am afraid if I tell- it won't happen. LOL
I have asked my friend, Cindy to help me and I am most grateful for her helping hands. As I write this, she messaged me asking how I wanted this and that on little crow. God bless her!!
Anyway, the cat is out of the bag and the crow is being hooked on the crock! LOL

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