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Monday, October 7, 2013

A Symphony of Color

I have a wooden tri-pod that my husband built me years ago. I hang my work on it so that through the day- as I come in and out, do housework, talk to the teenagers, take calls, in anything I am doing- I am constantly 'sizing up' what is hanging up. Yesterday, as I sat with my coffee and studying, I could not help but think of music. To make a great piece of music, it really takes a symphony of talent. And that is the case with this design- the beauty of it is really in all the colors done by the hands of some very gifted ladies. 
This is my design that have been thinking on for quite some time. It started as a lady and young girl walking past a field. Then I remembered the beautiful French Country scenes I had been admiring in a decorating book I have. As I reacquainted myself with the pages, my eyes fell on a field of lavender. Several days later, I found a french postcard of women harvesting lavender. Digging through my pile of drawing pads and books, I found the original idea- scratch it all! I had it! A woman harvesting lavender with french style structures in the background. Weeks passed as I was busy making rugs for ladies and working on a special project that I have had. I had the Lavender lady drawn out in full size hanging where I could see it and let my mind wonder- rehearsing the colors over and over. 
I will be creating a color list for this rug that will be a permanent part of this website and links to where you can purchase the same colors. For now, I will say that the lavender, the soil, the border, the greenery, the bees, the skirt and basket were all done by Christy Mason at the Double M Sheep and Wool in Fort Worth, Texas. That fabulous sky was done by Michele Phillips of Woolley Mammoth Woolens in Saratoga Springs, New York. 
Thank you ladies!! 

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