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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beauty In Our Differences

Years ago, I had taught some ladies to paint. They came to my house once a week and I taught them the basics- different brushes and their 'jobs', various strokes- I took them through a very small project. That was  about fifteen years ago. Over the years, I have used a situation that took place in that class as a lesson to share about other areas of life.
There was one lady there- a school teacher- who was set on her painting to be perfect. As we moved past the base-coating and into shading areas, she kept looking over to the work being done by another woman in the class. I could honestly see her distress and then she just shut down. Her work, in her eyes, was not 'as good as the others.' I could see that it was just different- but so was everyone elses. I encouraged her with all my might to continue and that she may be surprised at how pleased she would be if she 'just went with it' to the end. She never returned to the class. It still burns in my memory and comes to mind frequently as I see the different styles and color preferences people have- and each are so profoundly beautiful because in my mind, they express the heart of the 'artist.' 
As I have said, I have brought this example up many times over the years when trying to encourage someone to not compare themselves to anyone else- each individual is a gift and our differences in all our areas and our workmanship too- are gifts to everyone! You never know how your individuality may be just what someone else needs. And even our weak spots, may be just that 'touch' that brings charm to who we are.
Last year, I came up with the 'Lamb and Pumpkins' design. Since then I have had the JOYFUL honor of seeing my design done by two other ladies- it brings me such satisfaction to see all the variation. I hope to see more!!
 Above, is the one I did, that is the photo that comes with the pattern. Take a look at that far left pumpkin. When I dyed that, I thought it was well...not what I wanted- became my favorite color in the whole rug!
 This one seen above is done by Christy Mason of 'Double M Sheep and Wool' in Fort Worth, Texas. If I am not dyeing my own wool, I find her wool not only 'slightly' lol addictive but stunning- there are some colors, I rather just leave to her! Different than

mine, but just lovely!
This one is done by a customer of mine- this is all together different and I am in love with it. Her background choice really brings a softness to it. Look how she is going to do her border in a cream. And I have to point out this ladies loops. I have seen many of her hooked pieces and I am absolutely charmed by her loops. I call them (her last name is Lewis) "Lewis Loops." They are soft and springy, very wide cut. I ADORE them!

Below is yet another example. The top is my 'Le Cremerie' done by me and underneath is the same rug done by Christy Mason again. I love both!! And they are different!! These patterns are available in my Etsy store along with several others. In fact and just because, if you order, please message me on Etsy when you place your order and I will take $2 off the price of your pattern if you tell me you saw this offer here on my blog. I will make that good whether you order one or all of them.

Happy Hooking!!


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  3. Another great post Yvonne! It's fun to see how each person hooks with different colors and with slight differences even with the same design to start out with. The pictures of each rug are so good! So nice and clear. Very helpful.

    As far as the teacher story goes and her not coming back to class, at least you tried your best to encourage her to keep at it. I guess it just wasn't for her. If we feel we aren't good at something, and we're not really enjoying it, maybe it's a sign we should try something else. There are so many outlets for expression, we should do what feels right right for us. As for me, I know I'm really enjoying this whole hooking thing! It has it's challenges, but I'm going to keep at it for sure! You really do inspire me with your posts and your rugs. Thanks!