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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What A Joy!

Cindy Brown- Look at the way she put her lavender in!

Christy Mason- This is being made for a lady
who has a sentiment for wheat.
Anne Marie Lewis
 I have been asked many, many times if it is OK if someone deviates from my colors and just how I have done my own rug. With everything in me, I say, "YES!" I want more than anything of all for you to enjoy the whole process- choose your colors, experiment, hit road blocks, find something that works wonderful for you. I want each piece to reflect the heart and mind of the lady that has chosen the design as something to work on with her hands- I want her hands working, her mind thinking and her own heart poured out - I want the design to have personal meaning to her. I want that rug to be more than a 'project', I would hope that it could be considered a 'journey.' What things were going on while making it? What special colors or little touches can you add that add personal meaning to you? What things did you think of, discuss with other ladies while creating? Were there memories created while you hooked your rug? So most assuredly I say absolutely yes! Make it your own!

This afternoon while visiting with a friend, I expressed to her how I truly believe that fiber arts are a way to bring women together - women that maybe would have never otherwise met. I want to share a video that was shared by 'Fiber Art Now.' It is Renate Hiller - I very much enjoyed this as she really validated my thoughts that I have had of as she says, "listening with your whole being."

My Own
Elaine Tackett, Finished and Beautiful!! 

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