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Monday, October 7, 2013

"vous etes mes bons amis!"

You are my good friends!! This week I have been doing a 'survey' among my Facebook friends. I have been asking customers to leave me a comment in my private messages.   I have been wanting to gain knowledge into how I might make my patterns better. I have come to the conclusion that my very highest goal is the very best customer service that I can give. I want every single customer to feel my deep appreciation.  When I decided to do the survey, I held my breath but was willing to hear anything- to gain understanding. What I did not expect is that my messages would be full and all the very very kindest words- even from ladies who admire the patterns but have never personally purchased one. I even received one last night that choked me up! 
Saying good evening FRIENDS with a photograph of smaller version of the upcoming Lavender Lady rug. It will be available on both monks-cloth and linen. 


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