Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I have sold out of the 'Handiwork' kits that I had available and I have more floss on the way for more kits. I have more punch needle designs coming. The next one involves a French Flower Market. Last night my husband came home and had a suggestion for a certain board for it to be mounted on and I was floored at his genius. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

While I wait for the floss to arrive, if you are interested in a kit, please let me know and I will reserve one for you. I have been surprised at how fast these sold and I hope to have enough for 15 more kits.

Feel free to contact me at or

Thank you so much!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Punch Needle Embroidery Patterns

Stoneware Kitchen

During my life, I think I have tried my hand at countless arts and crafts. Calligraphy, ceramics, paper mache, all sorts of painting, knitting........of course, rug hooking............pottery, punch needle using yarn and the Amy Oxford punch-needle. I have done quite a bit and really enjoyed each one.

Then there is this punch needle embroidery. Hmmmm..............

I have been asked so many times about converting some of my rug hooking designs into punch needle. The thought of such tiny work has seemed very unappealing to me. All I could envision is wads of tangled floss and knots and forgetting to write down floss numbers. It just has sounded so tedious!! Not to mention how difficult it is on my eyes looking at such fine detail.

Well, where there is a will, there is a way. I have come up with two punch needle designs for you and I am half way liking them. The turning point was when my best friend introduced me to her reading glasses. ' is this the key?? Ha!'

I have two patterns that I have done. 'Stoneware Kitchen' and 'Handiwork.' Both will have in the weeks to come complimentary rug hooking designs.

'Handiwork' is mounted on a board that I thought up- I love scalloped edges on anything and so why not? I would sure be glad to make you one if it is something you are interested in.


I am working on having two rug hooking patterns to compliment these punch needle designs. I really looking forward to doing them.

Here is a link to my Etsy Shop:

My Etsy Shop

I hope you have had a great three day Memorial weekend!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

'Morning Light'

"The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining brighter till the full light of day" Proverbs 4;18

I have to say that recently I saw a quote shared on Facebook that helped me to understand myself a bit better. The quote simply said that great art starts (or involves) emotion. So many times, I have wondered to myself why that most every design I do has to have a woman. I really do TRY to think of other things. I mean, my 'Lamb and Crocks' is one of my top selling patterns. But, try as I might, late at night after the day has settled and the house is quiet, I listen to my music and my heart begins to stir. And I start to draw what I am feeling- so maybe- just maybe, each of my 'ladies' represents a piece of my mind and heart.

I have not made a pattern for so long and I have known that I am due. So, I wanted this one to be hooked with easier cuts and a fairly simple design. It's pretty simple- yes  indeed!

Many of the colors that I offer in my Etsy shop were used in this design- Peony Pink, Midnight Blue, Charcoal, Run Through A Meadow, Vanilla Bean and shades of Overcast Sky. Look at this little sheep!

This design is available in my Etsy shop:

I bought the most beautiful yarn from an Etsy shop I love. Eager to use it, one of the little skeins ( the middle pictured below) became fleece for these little sheep. If you look carefully, you will see bits of lace- isn't it sweet? The name of the Etsy shop is 'Autumn Rose' 

I have so much on list to do in the coming warm months- a better website that I have been working on using Weebly, a couple more beginner kits, possibly some punch-needle designs, and the next pattern has already been hanging where I can look at it through-out the day planning my colors. It is very sweet.
On a completely different note, below you can see a little house my husband, Neil, has been making me. Things have gotten a little out of hand at my house- my living room is the hooking room as well as always having two easels with current and future work brewing- baskets and baskets of strips everywhere! My kitchen has dye pots and plastic wash basins of soaking wool- the island top full of baskets of dyes. Now the kitchen table has piles of folded wool and lists and labels and orders. If you were to go into my 'work room' which would be used in any other house as a family room, you would find my cutters and tracing table and patterns and piles and piles of wool- bolts of linen and wool and kits in the process of being assembled. Rug Hooking has taken over my home and I LOVE every bit of it! This little house outside will have water and electricity - I will be able to move all the dyeing out here as well as having a little 'nook' for friends that visit. I am thinking of doing the inside in creams and pinks and old blues. I can hardly wait!