Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Dance

This was done by my son, Justin- same son who used to tote crayons with him everywhere he went- that with his floppy blonde hair.

I was up till 1:30 a.m. last light. My son, Justin, and I talked for two hours about the creative process. This kid of mine helps me with a lot with things- I can't tell you how many times I have hit a wall on a project and he comes to my rescue- shedding light on a problem area that has caused me nothing but frustration. 

So last night we talked about how before the pencil hits the paper, most often an idea is carried around in your heart and mind for weeks- going through ideas and colors over and over as though rehearsing dance steps. For me , a rug design starts with a little spark in my heart brought on by a color sometimes, something I see, something I remember and it just stirs around in my mind and heart until it is then something you can touch and see. Over and over you practice- as you work, as you shop, as you try to sleep- until the day comes when all those hours of rehearsing, you are able to put on your dancing shoes!!

I have a sketch hanging in my living room- a woman walking toward the shore of a river during berry picking season. She has a little girl next to her. I also have pinned to my board pictures that are helping me form what I want- a basket of ripe berries, a river, a bridge, scenery, a mountain- to me some are colors, some are items I want to work in. But more than anything, the more I 'rehearse', the more I can feel the cool day, I can hear hear a little girl playing, I can see and hear the water rushing by- I am there. Right now, I just keep rehearsing the dance steps- raspberry, maple, indigo, indigo- 1, 2, 3- pause. Start again- this time trying it with a white mountain top. Yep, in my mind I go through this for weeks until I cannot wait one more minute to DANCE!!

And there is nothing more rewarding than finishing the dance all out of breath and looking out in the audience and seeing that I touched someone, or that I stirred a memory or that someone else would like me to teach them those dance steps I have labored over for months. To me, that is happiness.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

'Hand-Spun' How Do I Create the Distaff? Color List

My friend, Cindy, promised this would be a well liked pattern. And, indeed, it has been. And from the ladies that have purchased patterns, I have been asked about the colors I am using in the large pattern and also how to create distaff wool. I want to answer both questions.

To show you how to create the wool on the distaff, I made this quick video:

Every color I am using I  purchased from Double M Sheep and Wool.   I recommend Double M over and over. Then I hear lots of, "Thank you! You were right! Her wool is fabulous!" Colors are great, she dyes to order and shipping time is fast. VERY competitive prices as well! Feel free to contact her with any questions- she is a delight and very, very happy to help. She is 'old-school' in customer service and satisfaction. The address is

Background-  Pecan

Basket- Cinnamon Toast

Mother's Bonnet- Slate Blue

Mother's Dress- Sapphire

Mother's Apron- Creme Brule

Girl's Bonnet, Skirt and Apron- Sapphire and Slate

Floor- Vintage Brown (may have to ask Christy at Double M about that one-I LOVE IT!!) I did mix it in with some Gravestone Grey to cover the floor area.

Spinning Wheel and seat- Old Wood

Faces- Flesh

Border- Espresso

My little sheep are done with some local hand-sun wool. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing some. I am working at getting some in my Etsy shop.

One other thing I may mention, I am happy to create a 'kit' for you if desired. Just contact me at

Monday, November 4, 2013

Win A Holiday Gift Basket for a Rug Hooker!!

Christy Mason of the Double M Sheep and Wool and I have decided to do a drawing. We are creating a gift basket that will include fat quarters of hand-dyed wool from Double M Sheep and Wool, a pattern on Linen, soap, coffee and chocolate. All someone has to do is buy any piece of wool from Double M between or any pattern from Vintage Heart between November 1 and December 15. Winners will be announced the evening of December 15. A link to Double M is in the side bar if you are interested in wool. Patterns may be purchased out of my Etsy store or contact me directly. Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!