Friday, December 26, 2014


This design you see I am naming 'Tutus'. There will be a third ballerina on the far right. This is an enormous rug measuring 60" x 30".  So, what inspired me? A foreign shampoo advertisement I saw of little ballerinas. I admit! I am a bit overwhelmed with the size of this design but I also admit- I am enjoying every bit of it!

For the sashes and slippers, I hand dyed pieces of an ivory colored silk shirt I bought a couple years ago at a thrift store. Both girls have different sari ribbons I used in their hair. My favorite is the one on the left. The sari ribbon on that one has gold in it and it is just so beautiful!

I have been having a difficult time deciding my background but have settled on a very light, LIGHT barely there grey-blue which I will spending some time over the next few days dyeing.

I have been working in my Etsy store at 'spiffing' things up- I have added a couple things you may be interested in. One is my 'Marie, the Rose of France' and the other is my most popular, 'Lamb and Crocks'- both I am offering in different sizes now. Here are links to those two listings!

Marie the Rose of France

Lamb and Crocks

I realize that I never shared a finished picture of my rug 'Mariam', named after my youngest sister. So, I will leave you with a picture of 'Mariam.' Right now she is hanging in my living room where I enjoy looking at her and wondering what she is thinking and how many stories she has to tell. She is lovely!

I wish yo a wonderful Holiday Season! I have had one of my very best!