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Monday, October 7, 2013

How to "Paint A Sky" With Wool for the Lavender Lady

Last week my hubby told me that I need to make a brief video on how I put my sky in on my lavender rug. I know nobody that has worse stage-fright as I do. The last video I did was enough to require 're-cooperation.'  I hyperventilated over it. But I am a very visual person and learn easiest if I can see something explained rather than just written out. Videos make sense to me. I am also the mother of many young adults and teenagers therefore I don't have a shred of dignity left, and so why not? 
I told my husband that if I had one single request I would do it. I woke up to a question about it this morning. Here is a link to me explaining how I put my sky in for you.  

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