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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things I Have Been Working On For YOU With Love!

Since designing my 'HandSpun' pattern, I have been asked over and over to provide hand-spun wool for the little distaff and sheep. Searching high and low, I have found a spinner from California who has spun up just what I wanted! So, on my list of things to do, I will be offering hand-spun wool for sheep. Along with that, I am going to put in a couple strips of wool for the legs,ears and muzzle and a couple templates for sheep so you can add your own to any project you have. I will have both white and a gray.

Also, I have been working on a project that I am very, very exited about. Repeatedly, I hear ladies tell me that they enjoy my stories. To be honest, that sort of surprised me! So I have been working on 'books' to go with my patterns- stories, recipes, photographs and full color and measurement list and more. These books are spiral bound on quality card-stock and the ones that I have sent out, I have received more than the response than I expected. I am going to share with you excepts from the book that I have been working on- just so you can get a taste of it. I have been working on 'Joseph, ' a rug dedicated to my son, Joseph and his lovely fiancee, Abigail who I call a 'dove.' Remember my design 'Joseph?' The following is from the story:

“ Joseph! You’re not going out
in that old tattered shirt! It’s cold. That old thing will soon make a rug for the floor!”
“ Tsh! I have syrup buckets to collect. We'll discuss my old shirt
when I get in, Abigail. I have work yet to do,” he laughed.

“Joseph, remember that shawl I wore when we met? Remember? The gold one? I have had it put away. I want to make a rug with a sky full of stars. I want that old blue rag you insist on wearing for my night sky, sir, and I want to use that gold shawl to fill the sky with stars! “

January 1808

My dearest sister, Lydia,

Today I drew out this little picture. Finally I have what I need to make the rug we discussed when I saw you last. I thought you might like to make one of your own. My dear Joseph presented me with a feed sack along with his old blue shirt! That man! I do love him!

The weather here is cold but we are keeping warm. Joseph has been making some extra money with the syrup from our trees. I do confess we have had our fair share of griddlecakes!

I hope to lay my eyes on you this June. I miss you so. Please say hello to Miles and kiss each of those precious children of yours.

May the Lord bless you!

Your sister,

In this particular book, I will also include the 'actual' design that sweet Abigail sent to her sister, Lydia- free for you to use as you wish.

There is much more as well to bring out your creative and girlish heart!!


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