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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hit N Miss

'Little Flowers In the Kitchen'
Designed by Yvonne Buus

When I started this rug, my hope was that this could be a simple enough design that even a beginner could feel confident to start and with eagerness work through and with pride display. The border of this design is done in my favorite, ‘Hit N Miss.’ Great practice for a beginner and a great way to incorporate ‘leftovers’ from past projects- wasting nothing!

Although you could certainly use the colors I have used, this is a rug that I hope that you will personalize. I would love to see you make it your own using ‘memories’ of other rugs that you have collected- those leftover strips- other hooking journeys to bring to these’ little flowers in the kitchen.’ Maybe those strips could bring more meaning to your rug. In mine, I put a strip in from a tree that I did in my ‘Joseph’ rug - a very memorable rug to me as it is a rug dedicated to my son, Joseph.  I have strips of the textured Cinnamon Toast that I often use for baskets. Stormy Blue is a color that I used for my ‘Sweet Annie.’ When you hook with your friends, maybe these strips will bring memories back for for you to share or that all of you will remember!

I am now debating on whether to finish my rug with the method I enjoy using- whip-stitching using one inch strips or to finish the back using 'aged' blue ticking, allowing it to peek out in front a bit. Oh my goodness! I do love this little rug!!

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