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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Will You Be Mine, Valentine?

My friend, Christy Mason, and I chatted last night. She was asking me about what sort of creative ideas were on my mind. As I rambled on, I mentioned that I really want to do a Valentine rug. I had no sooner said that that the wheels in my mind came to a screeching halt. Why it is, what, like 7 weeks away!

What do I love about Valentine's day? For sure, it is the red hearts and the feel of impending spring. It's better than my birthday and I confess, I love it more than Christmas! My very favorite day of them all!

So today, I drew out a design that I really like. I will tell you about it. It is a little girl who is handing a heart, her heart, to the 'apple of her eye.' 

Can you guess who that might be?

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