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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Flowers in the Kitchen

'Little Flowers in the Kitchen' is a little idea that I have had tucked away in my sketchbook for a long time. Every time I need a creativity boost, I look in my numerous books at all my ideas. It's always fun as I run across little drawings that did indeed become a pattern. The other night, I ran across my 'Lamb and Pumpkins' and 'Miss Pumpkin' and the little spark that my husband pointed out as the sketch he thought would be perfect to submit to Primitive Quilts that actually got in.  I would have never guessed as I was scribbling it out. 

Between it being a holiday month and needing something simple and fun, I have decided to work on this one for right now. As I do that, I will be choosing colors and working and reworking my berry picker pattern. 

On a different note, I have been working on a special pattern 'upgrade.' It's been on my mind for quite some time and I am very much enjoying making it for you. I have shared the idea with three women who all love the idea and think it will be very loved. I think it will be treasured- I know I would love it!

Keep watching as I will post pictures as these little flowers are hooked. Frankly, I can already tell this is one that will be hard for me to part with!! One of my favorite elements in a rug is the use of 'Hit nMiss'- this one has that which I am eager to do.

Happy Holidays!

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