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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Little Flowers" and a Book

I inherited my dad's love of writing.The last few months, I have had this little idea brewing that I would create 'books' for my patterns- stories, recipes, hints, photographs, a color list- everything all spiral bound. Currently, I have two of these books complete- "Little Flowers In the Kitchen" and "Hand-Spun." This pattern is ready and listed in my Etsy store. I am leaving you with a bit of my story that will be included in my "Little Flower" book.

"Out to the kitchen at Nana’s house I would come and find myself at my place at the table. My grandfather sitting across from me in dress pants and tie enjoying his fruit and coffee. He would wink and make a playful ‘shh’ sound my way. Nana bustling at the stove almost in cadence to the polka music that brought such cheer to that red brick bungalow style corner house in Denver. She would serve cantaloupe and tea, bacon and blueberry muffins. She would stand over me and want to know if there anything else my heart desired. To this day, these smells bring me right back to that kitchen and the care I felt while there. Do you like Polka music? May I serve you some muffins? I am quite sure that Nana would make enough to serve at your next Hook-In!"

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