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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Lamont and Lynn!

Guffey, Idaho

Several months ago a woman I know, Brenna, asked me if I would do a rug for her parents. I feel very honored to have done this rug not only as a Christmas gift but as I have learned the history of this property, I have learned that it is very special and a part of Idaho history.

I have always admired homes I have seen in magazines that once used to be a school house or a barn or church. I have always thought that would be wonderful- I envision what was once a place of learning or animals or worship, to be my home- old wood, brick, stone, possibly a steeple- I have always enjoyed that idea.I am sure my imagination would reel with all that once was or stories that had to have unfolded in that place. When Brenna sent me information on Lamont and Lynn's property, I sighed as I wondered what that might be like to live on such a piece of history.

The house you see in the rug belongs to Lamont and Lynn. But on May 27, 1897 another house was built- the first in Guffey and ironically or providentially, also Brenna's birthday.  A year later the town of Guffey had a hundred people and many buildings- a general store, a post office, hotel, saloon, blacksmith shop, stables, and boarding house as well. All of these are gone now. I was amazed to hear that Brenna's husband 'treasure hunts' with the children where the old buildings existed! What wonderful memories for your grandchildren!!

The most challenging part of this rug was the bridge. I admit, for a day or two, I could not see how I could do it. Rug hooking is not like painting. When designing one it takes a lot of problem solving and reworking areas which is very time consuming and no guarantee that be what I want. It was actually my husband that recommended that I only do a partial bridge. I did what he suggested and I love what came of it. 

I have to say that my very favorite part of this rug is the river. I love the way the color came out. I have that color for a while. I get all my wool from a woman in Texas. She is a sixth generation dyer, spinner, rug-hooker and shepardess. (Double M Sheep and Wool, Fort Worth TX) She does just about every piece of my wool. That color is called 'Chambers Creek.' I have decided that that color is THE color for water. Also in the hills in the back -the darker hills- is one of my favorite colors- Vintage Brown- Christy made that color special for me several months ago and I love it!! And I love those hills!!

Lamont and Lynn- Merry Christmas!!! I told Brenna that I want a picture of you and your rug. I am leaving you with more pictures of the rug while it was in progress. 


  1. LOVED hearing the story behind this rug, and see the pictures of it as it progressed. I know SOMEONE is going to be very happy when they receive this gift. Good job Yvonne!