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Monday, March 3, 2014


I just came back from a weekend with my best friend. It is starting to become a yearly trip we take together- visiting her mother and family. I enjoy very much visiting with her 82 year old mother- "Mother Hensheid" as I have nick-named her. I love to hear her tell me stories about raising her children and it is so encouraging to me to hear the stories of her children's lives through her eyes. My best friend is her youngest at 50 years of age and so it is very enjoyable to hear of times of sorrow that turned to joy for her over the years.

As we worked- her with her embroidered pillowcase of roses and me with my hooking, I listened and soaked in every word. I treasure 'Mother Hensheid's' life, her family and her story. If there is anything that I have gleaned from her, it is that 'the story is not over until the story is over' told in her gentle and sweet way.

'Bonnets' is a pattern I designed that I hope you can make a fun adventure- a bit of playing 'dress up' for the girl in your heart. I have drawn out the pattern so that you can hook the ruffles or create pleats that you sew on as I did. What colors would you choose? Do you have some old buttons you want to add?

I started hooking this pattern in salmons and browns but changed my mind midway through and decided to go with colors that are tried and true loved! Blues and browns. Please do no not hesitate to contact me with any questions at all.

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