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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fancy Needlework and Vintage Heart Hand Spun Wool

Used with the permission of Wendy Piersall of Vintage Fan Girl. She has both a blog and an Etsy shop that I adore!!

"She watched and taught the girls that sang at their embroidery frames while the great silk flowers grew from their needles." - Louise Jordon Miln, The Feast of Lanterns

Months ago, I saved this image to a private board I have on Pinterest. I fell in love the moment I saw it. Many nights I have sat with my lap-top open to this image as I play with my pencil and paper. I just absolutely love the whole idea of a sweet little girl- and the flowers!! put onto the side of this spool. 

As I have shared, I have a design that will be in the very next issue of Primitive Quilts. Daily, I have to pinch myself. I am nervous, exited, worried, happy- all at once. I keep remembering how I would get before a high school dance many years ago. I would be so exited but sooooo nervous. My mother would be so glad when it was all over because pre-dance, I would get the silly giggles and accidentally  break things in my sheer anticipation. Well, I don't have the giggles but I admit I am nervous. It has been in my mind to create a design with quilters and stitchers and embroiderers in mind as I know that that is what Primitive Quilts is made up of. So when I saw this little spool........

my mind started moving

and wondering how to make it special for ladies that love to stitch.

'Fancy Needlework'

I am admitting right now that I don't sew. I admire women that do. If I could, I would make dolls. I would give them personalities and little dresses. I would create each one individually but I cannot. So, I think that is why I enjoy giving life to the 'girls' in my rugs- there are dresses to think about and bonnets or hair- where is she? What is she doing? This girl with needle in hand is in her garden and she is inspired by the beautiful blooms and buzzing bees as she takes them captive with her needle and thread!

I also want to share with you photographs that my spinner, Deb Taylor, sent me a couple weeks ago. I understand that some of you may be spinners yourself and these photographs may be 'nothing new' but to me, someone who admires women who can and do spin, these pictures were great!! This is an order I placed with Deb- 10 50 yard skeins of what she and I call 'Vintage Heart Hand Spun.' She has dyed it, and created the variation that I LOVE using for my sheep and now am offering in my Etsy store. I admit, I am pretty picky and Deb is awesome!! 

Vintage Heart Primitives

If you are interested in seeing what else Deb has to offer, here is the link to her Etsy store.

This will create more sheep!


  1. Wow Yvonne - This rug is amazing! I love how you have added fabric embellishments to it - and all the little details are so perfect - it really captures a feeling! Can't wait to see this in the magazine.

  2. Gayle, No, it won't be this one- although the one that will be in the magazine does have some similarities to it although it is quite different. I admit, I do love this rug a lot!!

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