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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Being A Girl At Heart

This afternoon my best friend, Louise, came by. I received the highest compliment from her when I showed her this finished rug.

She cried.

Between her tears, she told me that this brought out the lost little girl inside her. And THAT has been a goal of mine~ to reconnect women with that little girl that once was. Innocent. Free. Naive. Good. 

Then I told her to lift the skirts!

I got a laugh and lasting smile. 

Did you notice the scissors in her house-dress? She is ready to mend and sew after she tends to the garden and checks on her rising bread.

She needs a broach for her formal wear. This is for an evening that her hair is done carefully and she wears her satin shoes. An evening of music and candlelight with the man who adores her.

Then there are those times for a friend to come for tea. In the garden they sit and catch up. The garden is filled with sounds of birds and women laughing.

When I small, I often would think of what I imagined life would be when I grew to be 'a lady.' But now, I am a woman and I long inside to reach back in time, with little doll dresses and a vivid imagination to only dream of being a lady. 

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