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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'A Lady' and Lace

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the two days of the week that I am able to get the most work done and I look forward to them. They are work and play all mixed into one! Today, I have a grey wool shirt, cut up and soaking in a pan waiting for me to dye it up. I do not dye a whole lot. I buy almost everything from Double M Sheep and Wool and there are two other ladies I enjoy buying from as well on Etsy. One is Woolly Mammoth Woolens and the other is Michelle Mayfield Home. But today, I have my heart set on reviving this old shirt into a new color!!

So, these are my three dresses. From left to right- a going to town or tea dress, a formal dress and then a work dress. I want to add some brown embellishment of some sort to the dress on the left to make it tie into the work dress and the work dress is going to gain a pocket to carry little items she will need as she tends to housework or in a field.

My little pile of lace that I bought at an antique store and then tea-stained.
I am using little pieces to dress things up- including those bloomers!

See the little lace that I am choosing for the middle bloomers?

I am having more fun with these dresses! Of course, as I have said, I have been looking for months at historical attire and admiring the detail and femininity of those days. There are details that I only wish I could make. I guess that is for something else maybe.

On a much different note, I have a customer who has kindly and patiently come to me frustrated because she cannot seem to subscribe to my blog- being as low tech as I am, it's something I have to have my daughter look at. So, I am going to try to remedy it. However, I realize that if she is having problems, than possibly someone else might be as well. So, in the meantime, I have offered to send her a personal email with the latest update attached. If you would like to be on a e-mail list that I send out myself, please contact me at  I would be more than happy to add you on as we figure this out!!

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