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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pieces of News

I have been pretty busy. It started with needing some time to organize and re-group and it ended as me doing a lot of playing with my wool. Needed time away from my hook which led me to my hook! HaHa!

This design started as something entirely different- not even close. It wasn't going right and I was feeling quite frustrated. My best friend was over one evening and she said that I needed to just do something else. So this design was like no other. Normally, my designs start as a little sketch- tiny- and then I keep making it larger. I always want there to be easy curves and avoid anything tedious. This design I hooked without drawing out elements of the design first- truthfully, I almost ripped out the little Shepherdess a couple times and now I love her to pieces.

Another thing I want to mention is that I found a wonderful spinner from California who is working on wool that I can provide for you for your big sheep like this one- I want to include a little bell like mine and the ticking.

This next little rug is for sale in my Etsy shop. I wasn't planning on selling it as a pattern until I was getting messages for the pattern!! So, this rug is available as well as the pattern. It is not very large at all- perfect for a beginner or a gift for someone dear to you! It measures 16" x 8." I will include some little bells for you!

Another exiting thing I have to tell you about is a purchase I made this last week. I have been seeing on and off for the last couple years a very very old rug that I have wanted so badly. Well, one night, I just did it- I sold the house and all the kids for it! (Just kidding!) I have it and the only things I know about it is that it was made in the 1800's. The woman I bought it from says she purchased it about 15 years ago in an "OLD OLD log cabin in Northern Kentucky." I am going to re-create it and when you see this little piece, you will see why I love it so much. About two hundred years ago, there must have been a woman that hooked this that just had my same 'style.' Oh, how I would love to meet the woman who made this little piece that you will see later. Her and I are definitely kindred spirits! I am guessing, I don't know for sure, but at least I am wondering if there is another like it in the world- was this just a little rug that she made for her cabin- it surely appears so. Here's a teeney-tiny peek!

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