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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sing A Song of Six-Pence

As you may know or not know, I am writing little books to go with my patterns. Today I am working on a book for my 'Crow and Crock.' I need a black berry pie recipe- any one have one? 
Would you like to know what comes to mind as I think about crows?
I learned many little nursery rhymes in my kindergarten class. When Mrs. Roberts would make her way to her piano and open the song-book, my heart would leap as we would begin to sing songs that would liven my imagination- a dog named Bingo, a farmer who had a wife, a red-nosed rain-deer, a popping weasel, but by far, my favorite was, 'Sing-A-Song-of-Sixpence.' So many questions would fill my mind as we sang the song. What was six-pence? Why a pocket full of rye? My father never ate from a dainty mother was busy with babies...I never saw her eating bread and honey. But all these questions seemed to fade away as we sang in wide-eyed disbelief, 

'The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes,
When along came a blackbird and pecked off her nose!'

Mrs. Roberts seemed so matter-of-fact and unfazed as she shut the song-book and asked us to line up to go outside. I was still wondering if a blackbird truly would peck off someone's nose. Images of that fateful day in the king's garden kept my mind busy as I played hop-scotch and jumped rope always keeping an eye out for a wandering blackbird. Or did those things only happen when hanging out clothes? Whatever the case, more than forty years later, the words to that song are burned into my memory and I have sang it to all my children and my grandson. 'Sing A Song of Sixpence' has been a song that has kept the wide-eyed girl in me alive!
Both this pattern, and the rug itself will be available by the end of this week-end. This rug is a scaled down version of one I did a couple of years ago and sold. It was during that time that I was being messaged with questions wondering if I sold patterns. The thought had never crossed my mind. Ha-Ha! So, I am a bit sentimental about this design as it represents when I started trying my hand at coming up with my own ideas. Below are photographs of the original- it was huge! I loved it anyway!

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