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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Kindred Spirit

It seems that either I am at a stand-still with everything I want to do or I have so much I do not know where to start. Right now, I am trying to finish up my 'Wool-Inn'. Also, I have mentioned in the recent past that I have a 'berry picker' design. Well, I have it- I have just been so stumped color wise. I have decided that I will simply start hooking it- beginning with areas I feel confident color wise and then go from there bit by bit.

Then as you can see in my first picture, I depleted any fun money I had and I bought this little rug. I have been drooling over it for a couple of years but I now own it. It came out of an old log cabin in Northern Kentucky- when I look at it, my mind starts asking questions about the woman that hooked this? A kindred spirit, for sure.I want to recreate this gem. However, I want to add onto it though- a log cabin. 
Last summer, I found a pile of wool that I had long forgotten about. What was intriguing though was that I had left it and when I came back to it it looked 'ruined.' I wanted to see how it looked hooked though and hey! at least that batch of abandoned wool looked old and worn. I put that in my mental file of important things to remember as I knew that someday I would want to recreate an old rug. If I had known on that day that it would be this little rug, I would have been squealing with delight.
Lastly, I have been working late into the evenings on my 'Wool Inn.' This is one of those rugs that as you hook, you are not sure if it is looking OK- and then you finish the edge, and add an eye to the bird and sheep. And add an old bell- it's beautiful- one of my very favorite and appropriate to celebrate my one year anniversary as "Vintage Heart" as this little design was my first. I had no idea- no clue- that in the near future I would be making patterns and selling them. Not one clue! 


  1. Hi Yvonne - I can see why you were drawn to the old rug and I can't wait to see your new version of it - I know it'll be wonderful! BTW - I was just reading your profile about your background as a painter and it reminds me so much of a gal in our rug hooking group who is so excited to now be painting with wool. She traveled all over the world to teach painting & color theory and we're so lucky go have her love rug hooking now.......

    1. Yep, it was quite the moment when I stood in the rug hooking area of the fiber faire- I was just amazed and so eager to start. I bought my first $50 of wool- still remember it- a red and gold piece, a soft blue one, a gold one- and NONE of them I even wanted to cut into- too pretty to touch. I would love to paint again but too busy- maybe someday!!