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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Patch and Jack Pumpkin

A couple years ago, I designed and hooked my 'Miss Pumpkin.' I have her hanging in my work-room and I love her to pieces- I do not know why that she makes my heart smile like she does- but, she does. I have heard many ladies say they have enjoyed hooking Miss Pumpkin because she is fun to dress. And since I have a real fondness of Pumpkin head dolls, I have known I wanted to do another.

So I have Miss Patch this time and she has her husband, Jack by her side. They are enjoying a pumpkin patch and Jack will be holding a little sign reading, 'Hay-Rides.' I am thinking of making a small paper pattern of a 'Baby Pumpkin' to go with this pattern- an idea my sister, who is also a Pumpkin Head fan, is encouraging me to do.

I have heard from many ladies that they would like to see some of my patterns made into punch-needle patterns. That is one of my very next things I will be working on. I have my Cameo needle and we have a long road trip ahead- my son's wedding in Seattle. I will be taking it along to work on as we drive. Wish me luck!

I hope you are having a good summer- I can never get enough of summer- I savor every bit of it!

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