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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A 'Hook-A- Long'

Months ago, I saw an old vintage image that depicted a little girl over a dye pot dyeing wool. Behind her sat a row of her dolls. Immediately, I started thinking of a wool-dyeing rug. As always, it is a process. I started going though images of long ago of wool dyeing over a big pot. I started this rug and it was just not what I wanted as I knew that I really wanted to hang pieces of wool on a clothes-line and I could not figure out how to incorporate it. So, the idea went to the bottom of my 'pile.' Then one day as I looked for something else, I saw it again and instantly, I saw how I could add a clothes-line and keep the whole design 'balanced.' When I am done hooking this, I will fill the clothes-line with hanging wool.

I am doing something fun as I work on this. a few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends if someone would like to 'hook-along' with me. Kim Jones of Nova Scotia volunteered. I keep teasing her that I should have warned her that I change things as I go- how could I forget about that?

"Kim- OK- Boy, did I warn you a few weeks ago that I tweek things as I go? Alright, so- this is what I did last night- I moved my left sheep over about an inch or so and I turned the right sheep's head. Actually, now that his head is turned, I do not think that I needed to move the left one at all. Are you able to trace off that pattern? I am thinking of making a minor change on little girl- if you can trace - it will be easy. Gosh, I hope this is fun for you- next time I do this, I must issue a warning- LOL!!!- Yvonne"

After a bit of changing! Baa! Baa!

Kim's little girl- Look at her peer into that pot! I wonder what color she has in there?

Kim's sheep- I am "dyeing" to know what color she will choose for her ground and sky! Kim hooked my 'Here's My Heart!' months ago and she wow-ed me with what she did with it- she has fabulous color choices!

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  1. This is so much fun. Thank you for allowing me to do this with you.