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Thursday, June 12, 2014


COLOR. I would have to say there is nothing more that sparks an idea in my mind than color or seeing colors together. A few months ago, I was in a fiber shop where I saw a yard of what was labeled 'Charcoal' wool. It was a gray blue and mottled so beautifully- instantly I saw how I would use that. In fact, as my husband and I traveled that day, all I could think of was that color. I cannot tell you what I see because since then, I have scribbled out my idea and it has grown to include valleys and a river and houses and activity. I have it scribbled in my sketchbook, on loose paper and two church bullitans- which all started with a single color on the shelf of a quilt shop.
"What a pretty color I made!"

"Baa!Baa! " Trivia: That center color on the clothes-line is my favorite color on my shelf. 

I cannot decide what I like best about this design- is it the scalloped aprons? The wool hanging to dry on the clothesline? Those little sheep? I think it's all that color!

I did something different this time around. I asked for a rug hooker to volunteer to hook this rug with me. Kim Jones from Nova Scotia came forth with her hook ready. I sent her the design and quickly I 'remembered' how many changes I make as I work out a design. Poor Kim! However, by having her hook the design and giving her the freedom to do as she wanted, what I really wanted took place. Often enough, I will see what a customer has done with a rug and I am blown away with their wonderful choices- wondering why I didn't think of them myself! LOL Kim hooked her ' drying wool' and her colors are different- all of which may spark an idea with someone else that hooks this rug in the future.
Kim's girls! LOVE the colors she chose for her 'Mother'- very Tasha Tudor to my eye.

Wool moving about in a breeze- what cheerful, happy colors Kim chose! 

"Hand Dyed Woolens" will be available at my website- or in my Etsy shop,    in the next few days.

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