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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Oxford Punch Needle

This is 'Harvest Blessings' done with the Amy Oxford #14 punch needle and my worsted single ply wool yarn. It measures 11" x 20 1/2". I have been selling these little patterns as kits. This is a fourth pattern and it is based on my punch needle embroidery pattern, 'Harvest Blessings.'

Many months ago, I was working on a little punch needle piece with some Valdani thread and the Cameo punch needle. As I working, I was wishing that I could just dye those threads myself. When I am working on something and I visualize it, I like being able to just create it- and that goes for color as well. So, I was thinking on how to do that when I began remembering a few years ago working with the Oxford Punch Needle and yarn from a local fiber store. I wondered if I could get my hands on some natural wool- something like I used to use- with a little thick and thin to it- could I dye it myself and create that variation that we all enjoy while punching with Valdani embroidery floss?

The answer was YES!

Soooo.... I have been dyeing up single strand wool yarn and using a #14 Oxford punch needle and enjoying myself thoroughly!

Look at all that beautiful color!! 

That same color in the pot is shown here second from the left. 

Years ago, right before I found rug hooking, I had a brief couple years of using the Amy Oxford punch needle. At the time, I was using a #10 and a thicker yarn- Halcyon's rug yarn. I will have to share later some photographs of some of the things I did back then.

Gold, Champagne and Soft Huckleberry

I have been really enjoying doing some punching and dyeing the yarn.

Have you ever used an Oxford punch needle? I would love to hear your experience!


  1. Your designs and ideas are wonderful

  2. Your designs and ideas are wonderful

    1. Grace!
      Thank you! Honestly, thank you! Now what I need to work on is keeping up with this blog! I will try, try again! LOL

  3. Your patterns and wools are wonderful, yvonne!! Just beautiful, ,,, I have the #10 punch needle and used the thicker yarn, enjoyed it, tho , it did take me ages,,, in betwedn,, hokking and punching with threads, enjiy seeing ur work!!