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Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Inspiration!

Today I ran some errands and my favorite errand was going over to pick up this book at the library. I love embroidery stitches and thought I might find something fun in the pages of this book.

And I did!

Ribbon embroidery. I have seen it many times before but this time I really studied it and started wondering if I couldn't use the idea of any of these stitches in my rugs.

One of my other errands today was a trip to my printer to have a pattern downsized so I can make it with the Oxford needle and my yarn. I have been pondering the purples I want to use and how I will create them. 

If you didn't know this- I have an incredible attachment to this rug of mine, 'French Lavender Lady.' I think I could make it over and over and never get tired of it. It is hanging in my living room and I think it always will. There is something about it that I love so much. I am going to do a smaller version of it with the Oxford punch needle. 

I opened up my wicker basket full of my old yarns that I have. I wanted to  play and experiment and I tried some French Knots for the border lavender. Do you see the flower to the right? I love that yarn- it is several different colors. I tried a little ribbon embroidery 'top' with some thicker yarn. Anyway, the flower on the left is a keeper and answered my question about integrating a basic embroidery stitch in my punch needle rug I will do next. I cannot wait- cannot, cannot! 

On my Facebook page  a day or two ago, I asked for help in knowing what to write about on my blog. I was asked about inspiration- color, design etc. Well this was today's inspiration! And I just shared it with you!



  1. Thank you for sharing! I love the embroidery stitches done with your yarn. It helps to "know" you and why your creativity speaks to so many

    1. Linda, You have no idea how glad I am that I asked that question about what in the world to write. It has been helpful and interesting to know how people see my patterns- that's awesome! Really awesome!! I will keep these little moments of inspiration coming!

  2. You so know I will have to learn how to do the French knots on punch needle and know already that I will need this kit! And maybe two, my sister is loving rug punching now!😘

    1. My darling Bernie, Well you better get to learning! LOL I am so exited about this. My brain is reeling with ideas using these basic embroidery stitches.
      Earlier today, I have another wonderful customer suggest I start a punch needle with yarn page- should I do it? It would be sort of fun wouldn't it? If I do, you better promise you'll be one of the first to 'sign up.' Most fondly and affectionately, your wooley friend, Yvonne

    2. I will sign up for sure! Need to figure out how you make your lavender 😜🤔💞

  3. Good morning sweet lady, You know I will sign up with bells on.. 😉👍💞 I know how to make French knots ,but can't figure out how you punched them. We will need some videos.. 🤔 💞Have a beautiful day. 💐