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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Punch Needle Embroidery Designs

A few months ago, I made a list of things to accomplish over the summer months.

A Web-site I can manage myself.
20 Half Yards of hand Dyed Wool
One or Two Magazine Submissions
 Punch Needle Patterns

These are the latest two.

Above is 'Fancy Needlework' that is based on my rug hooking design, 'Fancy Needlework.' 
Below is 'Flower Market.'
You will  notice in the 'Flower Market' design, a wooden crate. One evening my husband suggested that he make a tongue and groove box-end for me to attach my piece on. I LOVED the idea! There is a lavender tag that I aged. I have been pretty exited about that.

I have limited  kits for either design and patterns are available as well. I also have the boards that can be ordered.

So what have I accomplished on my list? 

Website is one page short of being finished.
Working on a Magazine Submission.
I have a half dozen punch needle designs done.
And I am slowly getting that wool done. I will not get caught off guard like I did last year- holy moley!

Either design and others are available in my Etsy shop!


  1. another lovely design and finish. I love your goals and ideas

  2. Your needle punch designs are beautiful, Yvonne...just as your rug patterns are! Your husband has some great ideas...I love doing a punch design and then attaching it to something it so much character!

  3. As a needle worker I can see the true meaning of art just by looking at them even without using sense of touch, specially the second picture I love the color combination, they are totally suited.

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