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Saturday, October 4, 2014

'Marie, the Rose of France"

A little history on how I began to make patterns. For many years, I painted and most always sold everything I made-occasionally keeping a piece.  I did many pieces of furniture for people and attended many juried shows. Then I met hooked rugs. My paint brushes sit and collect dust now. I learned that anything I sold had to be an my own original design and that I could not simply hook someone else's design and sell it- that is my understanding. I started making my own designs and putting them on Ebay. I sold them and was asked many times if I sold patterns. "Uh, no, huh...never thought of that. Interesting, "

Some rugs I make take hold of my heart and I have a terribly difficult time parting with. Then I realized that if I sold patterns then I might not have to part with rugs that were a part of ME! So I started making patterns and selling them.

Now, you have to know something about me- I eat, think and breath my projects. There is not a square inch of my house that does not leave evidence of this. So, would it be odd of me to actually get DEPRESSED over my projects? NO! All summer, I had this inner turmoil and couldn't put my finger on it- all I knew was that I was terribly restless and I felt so sad. I even considered throwing in the towel. Then through a series of little 'hints and clues', I came to realize the problem very clearly. I was feeling boxed in. I had started creating patterns and as I did, instead of just cutting loose, I was always thinking of the design as a pattern- size, simplicity, and keeping at least sort of  primitive! LOL

I really began thinking about art as an expression of the heart. I decided to just cut loose and allow myself to work as though there was no pattern at the end. As I started to color plan this and work on one layer of this design after another, I felt happy again. I felt free!

So this rug I call 'Marie, the Rose of France.' 

I dyed a long strand of hand spun wool I had to use in her hair for texture and interest- It gives her hair a bit of 'glimmer' doesn't it?

Rose petals falling into border.

The sky! Overcast, cool and breezy. I smell rain. 

"Marie", what are you thinking? Who are you waiting for? Or have you just said fare-well? Is there a tear in your eye or a gentle smile on your face? There is one thing for certain, you are loved! 

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