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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miss Pumpkin

   The time of day that I get the most time with my wool is the evenings. The house is quiet. I can hear my music and I can work into the night if I need to. Tonight I am dyeing the background that I am going to use for my Colonial rug. I have a list of customers that I want to send a 'Tea and Honey' pattern to- getting a list of names ready. And I want to finish writing the pattern to one of my personal favorite designs- Miss Pumpkin. Gosh, this girl warms my heart!! Here she is the day I jotted her down on paper. I had been looking through a magazine and spotted a pumpkin doll on a table surrounded by gourds. I saw the irony right away. Miss Pumpkin selling gourds at Harvest time. There she is with her sign and she really is the prize!! Can you think pumpkin pie?? I love her and hope to have her pattern ready by the end of the week.

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