Friday, July 7, 2017

Punch Needle Part 2 - Foundation Cloths

Leave it to me to forget to mention the foundation cloths that are used for the different punch needles that I talked about yesterday! So, today I will show you the different cloths that are used for the Oxford Punch Needle vs. the Cameo.

Remember, flosses are used with the Cameo punch needle!

Tight weave for tiny little loops!
Soooo.....when we punch with flosses and the Cameo we need a foundation with a tight weave - we use 'weavers cloth'. When I have asked for it in quilt shops, I always specify that I will be using a punch needle and embroidery floss. Then there is no confusion. I purchase mine from a local quilt store as well as the online store, 'Punch Needle Marketplace.' Ladies in my group tell me that you can also find it at Joanne's. 

Yarn, wool strips, and ribbon can be used with the Oxford punch needles. 

Notice the weave and the grid lines.

For punching with the Oxford needles , you can use monks cloth or linen. I like using monks cloth. It works very nicely and the price is right! A while back ago in my Lavender Ladies Punch Needle Group, we were discussing foundation cloths for the Oxford. If you are familiar with Amy Oxford's book, 'Punch Needle Rug Hooking: Techniques and Design' you will see that at that time Amy Oxford recommended using only monks-cloth for her punch needles. Well, in our discussion she replied and said,

"Since I wrote my book, "Punch Needle Rug Hooking," I've heard from many customers who punch on primitive linen. We sell it at The Oxford Company and you can also get it at The Dorr Mill Store. Personally I prefer monk's cloth because the needle glides through it more easily than through linen. My "Mini" fine point needles do work very nicely on linen. I can recommend linen for my #8 fine, #9 fine, #10 fine, #13 fine (the "Mini with Heels) and the #14 fine (The mini)."

That was a really nice day having Amy comment in our group!

The week-end is here! I hope you will enjoy it!



  1. Im so happy you use the Oxford punch. Ive used only that with wool and yarn for rugs.
    thank you for sharing this information.

    1. You are welcome! I love the punch needle!