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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Catalog and A Corset

My best friend, Louise, is the youngest of a large family-nine children- five of them daughters. I am the oldest of fourteen! So, the two of us compare our lives as oldest and youngest. We laugh at how 'careful' our mothers were with the older ones and how as the years passed and our mothers energies faded away, the younger children's upbringing was so much more....lax. Ha!Ha!

I know Louise's mother- a woman in her eighties, Delores. Recently, Louise shared with me how Delores would talk to her daughters on their wedding days. The wedding dress would lay on the bed and Delores would want to have a talk about being a wife. As Louise told me the story, I could hear Delores sweet, endearing voice in my mind and see her twinkling eyes. It was like I was right there. She would say to the bride-to-be, "A lady is to be pure and gentle always."

This is what this design  represents to me- to me, creating brings out my 'inner-girl'- that girl that once was busy with her crayons ans scissors, coloring sheets and stencils is busy once more with her hook....and this time, lace and buttons. Little girls are, by nature, pure of heart and gentle! that, in my opinion, is what keeps our child like wonder and spirit alive.

I am busy at my computer piecing together a catalog. I want it to be so much more than a catalog- I want it to be something fun and looked at leisurely. This little dress will be found in the catalog along with pictures and instructions on how to make your own- what I mean to say is- the pattern is part of the catalog itself- for you to enjoy from me! Be watching my web-site and Etsy store for it to be available! I think you like it. 



  1. Oh my! I absolutely love this piece! I'd love to hook one of these! :-)

  2. Thank you! I loved making it- it was a lot of fun. I have ideas for others like this and I am not even sure which one to start with. :)

  3. Another wonderful piece Yvonne

  4. I very much like this design, and I'm looking forward to the grand unveiling of your new catalog!

  5. Funny thing, I don't remember ever being pure & gentle.Not even at 3 years old. I was always a wild one. Sneaking away from home even when I was very young. Not coming home from school the first day. I was a little mischievous, I had a little glint in my eye like I still do, but not in a mean way. I did get in trouble a lot. I couldn't always outsmart my mom!

  6. I think this is adorable too. When I first saw it, I thought, "Fun, A lady of the evening!" Pure & sweet didn't come to mind. That's because I have a slightly dirty mind I guess! I think every hooker needs one of these. Even me, the slowest little hooker in the East!