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Sunday, November 10, 2013

'Hand-Spun' How Do I Create the Distaff? Color List

My friend, Cindy, promised this would be a well liked pattern. And, indeed, it has been. And from the ladies that have purchased patterns, I have been asked about the colors I am using in the large pattern and also how to create distaff wool. I want to answer both questions.

To show you how to create the wool on the distaff, I made this quick video:

Every color I am using I  purchased from Double M Sheep and Wool.   I recommend Double M over and over. Then I hear lots of, "Thank you! You were right! Her wool is fabulous!" Colors are great, she dyes to order and shipping time is fast. VERY competitive prices as well! Feel free to contact her with any questions- she is a delight and very, very happy to help. She is 'old-school' in customer service and satisfaction. The address is

Background-  Pecan

Basket- Cinnamon Toast

Mother's Bonnet- Slate Blue

Mother's Dress- Sapphire

Mother's Apron- Creme Brule

Girl's Bonnet, Skirt and Apron- Sapphire and Slate

Floor- Vintage Brown (may have to ask Christy at Double M about that one-I LOVE IT!!) I did mix it in with some Gravestone Grey to cover the floor area.

Spinning Wheel and seat- Old Wood

Faces- Flesh

Border- Espresso

My little sheep are done with some local hand-sun wool. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing some. I am working at getting some in my Etsy shop.

One other thing I may mention, I am happy to create a 'kit' for you if desired. Just contact me at


  1. I have been on the net looking at various patterns for my first rug and I wanted to let you know that there has never been a designer whose work grabs my heart the way that your designs grabbed mine. Wonderful designs and I love every one of them! If the good Lord is willing I will be a customer in the near future. Be blessed dear one!

  2. Jennifer, Thank you! That means a lot to me! You made my day!

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  4. This is the pattern that I want to start with and I will be interested in some hand spun wool and would like to purchase at the same time if possible. It will probably be in a week to 10 days before I order. Thanks in advance!

  5. Wonderful! 'Hand-Spun' is a favorite! I have a woman in California spinning wool for me and I will be making that available in my Etsy shop for using in this particular pattern or using for little sheep. I am really exited that you like this. If you look through my listings, you will see this pattern in both the large as shown above or the smaller one- which just has the woman with her distaff and drop spindle.